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Design & Concept

Emergent was created to represent the four year journey for Western Sydney University students as a part of their Bachelor of Design 

(Visual Communication) Graduation Exhibition 2015. Revealing their impressions on the world around them, there is more than meets the eye for these fresh designers. Young designers have a different perception on what they see, giving them an extra edge when it’s time to emerge into the industry. 


This idea of additional layers was translated into a beautiful risograph print and then across social media promotion, web banners, and environmental signage.

Design & Concept Development: Michaela Parry, Alyona Tsarkova, Anneke Jasinki, Blake Morris

Event Management & Promotion: Madeleine Veronese, Tatjana Leung Kei

Project Management: Katelyn Ballardin

Web: Sam Davis, Oliver York, Lylia Pereira

Web Photography: Amy Roche, Jacqui Parkes


I find creative solutions that are driven by purpose. 

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