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Kaleido Magazine.

Publication Design and Event Production

Kaleido has been an ongoing collaboration with my great friend Jen, who created Kaleido in 2014. I joined forces with her in 2015, helping her design and launch Issue #2 with an inspiring event seeing around 200 guests enter the doors. 

Since then we have gone on to create and launch two additional publications with the help of a selection of amazing creatives and intellects. Every issue is based around a theme prevalent in the creative industry, with Issue #4 launched in 2017. Its core theme was 'Exploring Creative Balance' which highlighted how we can take care of our mental health while pursuing creative passions. ​


In the lead up to every new issue, we are involved with designing promotional material, social media management, content creation, publication design, editing, print production, and organising every element in throwing a fun & inspirational launch event. 

Read more about what Kaleido does here.


Event Photography:  Liam Cameron & Nic Smith


I find creative solutions that are driven by purpose. 

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