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Publication Design & Photography

REFUSE is a publication designed to change the habits and ideas of sustainability for a younger generation. Trying to make this issue ‘cool and trendy’ rather than ‘lame and unimportant’ meant creating a fresh outlet to channel information in engaging ways. Choosing to print on recycled stock was a conscious decision to create a guide that would be kept and continuously referred to by its owner, longterm. 


During my project research in 2015 I discovered that all printed references struggled at gaining my full attention. You won’t find cliché images or heavy text content within the pages of this book. Instead you will find alternative imagery accompanied with relatable and valuable words. 


Design for change is something important to me, and as cheesy as it may sound, I don’t think I would have been as motivated with this project if it didn’t hit close to home.

2016-04-02 01.20.03 2.jpg

I find creative solutions that are driven by purpose. 

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