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Sprout Squad.
Branding & Visual Identity

Commissioned by the NSW Government Mid North Coast Local Health District, this fun project for a new program called 'Sprout Squad' enabled a lot of play and experimentation within my practice from the get-go. 

Sprout Squad is a program targeted to families with children aged 3-6. Their brief was to create a new logo and visual identity which is playful, encourages healthy lifestyle behaviours and positive eating environments, whilst utilising a family-based approach.


My focus was to depict a fun, energetic and playful scene which generates excitement amongst children and their families. The logo includes fruit and vegetables with active personalities, accompanied with different physical equipment to help encourage children adopt a positive mindset about being a part of the Sprout Squad. 

The colour palette was chosen to celebrate the bright and beautiful colours associated with eating a variety of healthy foods and engaging in physical activity. 

As an extra incentive, I also designed a variety of stickers to NSW Health to hand out in the program. These create a reward-based system for children engaging in the Sprout Squad program, encouraging them to collect the whole set to stick on their notebooks or school uniform. 

Sprout Squad is set to roll out across the Mid North Coast in 2021. 


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