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Where the Sky Meets the Sea.

Branding & Visual Identity, Typography, Web Design

Wanting to be more involved in my local surf community, I approached a local who runs the Crescent Head Malibu Club to offer my input and design services for future events. 

From there I was asked to be involved with an upcoming event 'Where the Sky Meets the Sea' an exhibition that celebrates the ocean-based lifestyle of Crescent Head, from yesteryear to today. 

To promote the exhibition, a new visual identity was created based around this theme, taking inspiration from old surf films and posters but with a modern twist. The typography was sketched by hand and scanned in to be vectorised, still maintaining an authentic style. 

I had access to some beautiful photos of Crescent Head and it's surfing culture from the 60's and 70's, and wanted to utilise this within the design. Keeping the poster design simple with striking colours, the audience is transported back to a simpler time when Crescent Head was still relatively unknown. 


A website was also created to help promote the finer details of the event, and to help push ticket sales of the event to a much larger audience, Australia-wide. 

Unfortunately the event was cancelled due to Covid-19, but will be postponed to a new date once the Slim Dusty Centre is open.

To view the full website, please click here

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I find creative solutions that are driven by purpose. 

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